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User Services

We offer an extensive list of extra services to the loyal users of Aaquaria.com. These services are offered for our active participants to enhance their use of LittleFishTank Network sites. Since these services do require extra resources for usage we do ask that you consider a donation if you utilize these services heavily, but it is not mandatory.

These free services include:

Hosting Services
Consulting Services
Gallery based image hosting

Simple Web Design Assistance

All Aquaria Article Hosting

Basic Troubleshooting advice
Limited web page hosting by request Message Board and Chatroom host advice
  Email and eCommerce services consulting

We do request that these service be utilized by loyal users and I will check to see how often your are here and the level of your participation....

Fee based services include:
Hosting Services
Consulting Services
50/100/500 meg, 1/2/10 gig IIS and/or Linux website hosting services at competitive rates shared on our domain or on your own domain

Procurement and building of server systems
*advance payment required

Full POP and Web Based Email Available on your own domain Advanced Troubleshooting and Remote Support of PC and server systems
All services are Ad Free

eCommerce solutions for small businesses

MS Access, MS SQL, or MySQL database support available or included depending on limitations of hosting package. All free consulting services included at no additional cost
Free domain registration for life of your ongoing service package if the domain is a new domain at time of registration with us.  
To inquire about these services contact Lbritish